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Nate Colace, HIS

Nate Colace, HIS

Hearing Instrument Specialist

Nate is originally from Mansfield, OH and moved to Columbus, OH in 2015. Nate attended OSU and started working at American Ear in 2015. Nate began working in the hearing industry in 2014 and was drawn to the profession because it allowed him to help those with a hearing disability.

Nate loves enriching the lives of his patients with the gift of better hearing. He strives to listen, educate, and provide the very best customer service to every patient.

Nate enjoys sports, music, and cooking.

Customer Reviews

My appointment went very well today. Anytime you are told that you need hearing aids can be upsetting. However, everything was explained to me very clearly, with the facts about my hearing test. Nate Colace let me decide whether I wanted to proceed with hearing aids, and I appreciate that. The receptionist was delightful to talk to also.

Terri Scott, on Google

I went to the Polaris location. The office is welcoming & comfortable. Nate took very good care of me and my hearing needs. He is conscientious, friendly and cares about his people having the best quality of life with good hearing. He takes his time and explains things well. I would highly recommend Nate and American Ear!

Debbie Colace, on Google

Nate the Hearing Aid Specialist has superb skills when dealing with hearing loss and hearing aids. The hearing aids are very good. The problem occurred yesterday at the end of the visit when Nate unexpectly pulled out a new rate sheet and said that in the future this new rate sheet would apply. The company had been sold and the previous fees I was being charged under my initial agreement were no longer tenable ($35 office visit and $40 for my hearing test, total $70). Then he added up what yesterday's charges would have been using the new fee schedule and it totalled $680, for any one future office visit! I was stunned! He was not going to charge me that yesterday but all new fees would apply going forward! He then offered me a choice of 3 "ServicePlans" $699/yr best, $499/year (middling) and $249/yr very basic (2 office visits per year plus any service at additional fee from the rate sheet). Nate also reminded me that I got a great deal on my $5,000 hearing aids in March 2021 because I had to only pay $2,000 of it because Anthem paid the rest! He added that because I was an "insurance client", the company had already made less money on me, so I guess he expected me to be grateful and fork over money for one of these service plans. I honestly don't know what I'm going to do next! I don't like being hustled! 07/20/22 - None of these reviews appear to reflect people reacting to the high fees that have replaced the rates the new owner has put in place! $100 per ear to clear wax?! Are you kidding me?! A whole sheet of fees that are in addition to the rate to just step in the door! I bought my hearing aids last year and was given a rate sheet that looked affordable. Obviously they want you to fork over the $699 yearly service plan. I don't have $699 a year to maintain them. There are additional fees, of course, if anything needs repair. Very disappointing.

Marybeth Hibbard, on Google

Nate, the audiologist, was very through and clear in his explanations. I have gone through two earlier hearing tests and his explanation of the results was the best yet.

Martin Rosensteel, on Google

Had a fantastic experience, I was able to get attended to on a moments notice. I left feeling like a valued customer (as usual)

Daniel Antinori, on Google