What to expect

What you can expect during your visit…



  • Friendly staff
  • Educated, certified, and highly trained audiologists, board certified hearing instruments specialists, hearing instrument specialists, and hearing aid specialists.
  • Top of the line equipment and digital hearing instruments Comprehensive medical and hearing history
  • Detailed explanation of your hearing test including the cause of your hearing loss
  • Demonstration – we will program the newest technology on the market based on your hearing loss and let you listen to the new technology to show you what you have been missing and what it is like to hear again at a fairly normal hearing threshold. By doing this you know what to expect from hearing aids before you buy the hearing aids.
  • Determination of your listening needs with no obligation to buy

4-step hearing test

  • 1 - Video Ear Inspection: A thorough inspection of your ear canal. The results will be displayed on a TV screen and explained by a hearing professional.
  • 2 – Voice Recognition Test: Bring a friend or loved one with you. This test uses their voice to check the acuity of your hearing.
  • 3 – Conversation Accuracy: Your speech understanding will be tested in four different frequency ranges to determine what you are hearing and what you are not.
  • 4 – Audiogram: This electronic evaluation will determine if you have hearing loss and what type of loss you have.

Please print and fill out our New Patient Forms and bring them in to your first visit to help save you time.


New Patient Forms