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Free Hearing Test

Your hearing healthcare is important. American Ear Hearing & Audiology offers a free hearing test in Zanesville, Ohio for people experiencing hearing loss concerns. Hearing tests for adults and children begin with a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation of your hearing and involve a video otoscopy of your ear canal, along with a computerized hearing aid analysis. When your American Ear Hearing & Audiology hearing specialist has done a complete and thorough evaluation, he or she can help start you on the path to a hearing solution that best meets your needs.

Hearing Aids

Patients seeking hearing aids in Zanesville, Ohio can contact American Ear Hearing & Audiology for the very best service in hearing healthcare. Hearing aids are available in a wide variety of styles to address size, cosmetic concerns, lifestyle and dexterity. American Ear Hearing & Audiology also offers assistive listening devices, depending on patient needs. When you visit American Ear Hearing & Audiology, you can expect your hearing healthcare professional to recommend the best hearing aids for your specific needs.


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What You Can Expect During Your Visit

American Ear hearing specialist in Zanesville, Ohio are experienced at understanding the unique hearing needs of every patient. Upon your initial visit, you can expect to work with a certified professional who will perform a hearing test and diagnosis. Your American Ear Hearing & Audiology hearing specialist will help you understand your specific hearing needs and will develop a customized treatment plan so that you may find the best hearing solutions for your individual lifestyle. We offer a full line of hearing aids and ongoing evaluations. For information on what to expect from your visit to American Ear Hearing & Audiology, contact our office today.