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Free Hearing Test

American Ear Hearing & Audiology offers a free hearing test in Newark, Ohio for patients experiencing hearing loss. All hearing tests are performed by a trained and certified hearing care professional experienced at understanding a wide variety of hearing issues. Hearing tests begin with a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation so that the American Ear Hearing & Audiology audiologists can help determine a customized solution specific to the patient’s needs. Contact American Ear Hearing & Audiology for a free hearing test in Newark, Ohio today.

Hearing Aids

People in need of hearing aids in Newark, Ohio can contact American Ear Hearing & Audiology for a hearing consultation. American Ear Hearing & Audiology offers a full line of hearing aids to help patients find the customized solutions they need for their individual hearing loss.  Hearing aids are available in many styles and can be specialized to the wearer’s hearing loss, size of the ear canal and dexterity. Today’s hearing aid technology takes ear shape, cosmetic concerns and lifestyle into account to help patients find the right hearing aids for their lifestyle.

What you can expect during your visit

When you schedule an appointment with American Ear Hearing & Audiology, you can expect the best hearing healthcare service from our audiologist in Newark, Ohio. American Ear Hearing & Audiology believes in utilizing the very best in equipment and technology to help patients lead the active lifestyles they love. Our audiologists in Newark, Ohio are trained experts at understanding your hearing needs and will offer full hearing tests, visual ear scans and custom fittings for hearing aids. You can expect an experienced and attentive staff of professionals when you visit American Ear Hearing & Audiology.