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Free Hearing Test

As a full service hearing healthcare provider, American Ear Hearing Aids & Audiology provides a hearing test in Lawton, Oklahoma for patients undergoing hearing loss. The 4-Step Hearing Test consists of a video ear inspection of the ear canal, a voice recognition test to check for acuity, a conversation accuracy test and an audiogram that determines what type of hearing loss you have. Following this initial evaluation, our trained and certified hearing instrument specialist can help you understand expectations and plan for better hearing goals through a customized treatment plan, and if necessary, hearing aids that meet your needs and lifestyle.

Hearing Aids

Hearing loss can feel discouraging, but American Ear Hearing Aids & Audiology is committed to helping you find the best hearing aids in Lawton, Oklahoma. People who purchase hearing aids often experience fewer instances of confusion, increased ability to concentrate, better memory skills and increased awareness of their personal safety. The latest hearing aids by Starkey Hearing Technology offer patients with a customized hearing aid solution that best fits their needs. There are many styles available depending on the wearer’s level of hearing loss, ear canal size, dexterity and cosmetic concerns. Our experienced hearing professionals are trained to help find the right fit for the right person and their lifestyle. To schedule a hearing evaluation with American Ear Hearing Aids & Audiology, contact us today.

Starkey Worry Free Warranty: Loss and damage insurance included on all instruments. Learn More

What to Expect

When you schedule an appointment with American Ear Hearing Aids & Audiology, you can expect to work with an experienced and friendly hearing professional in Lawton, Oklahoma. We understand the importance of being able to communicate effectively, so it is our goal to help you understand your hearing needs and find the best solution possible to addressing those needs so that you may lead the active lifestyle you love. Upon your first visit, we will evaluate your hearing through a 4-Step Test to understand what problems you are facing. From there, we can help you develop expectations surrounding your hearing health with a customized treatment plan for your individual needs.