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Free Hearing Test

To schedule a hearing test in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, contact the trained and certified audiologists at American Ear Hearing Aids & Audiology. Our professionals utilize the latest in hearing technology and equipment to understand your hearing needs and help you develop the best treatment plan moving forward. Hearing evaluations involve a 4-Step Test that involves a video ear inspection, voice recognition, conversation accuracy test and audiogram to determine if you have hearing loss and what type it is. Following this evaluation, we can better understand your hearing needs and how to establish a treatment plan that not only fits your needs, but your overall lifestyle.

Hearing Aids

The ability to communicate effectively is greatly important, which is why American Ear Hearing Aids & Audiology offers the best in hearing aids in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Hearing aids come in many styles to meet the various needs of patients. At American Ear Hearing Aids & Audiology, we are committed to helping patients understand their hearing loss and set up a treatment plan that best fit their needs. Today’s hearing aid technology accounts for factors such as level of hearing loss, the wearer’s ear canal size and even dexterity issues that might impact the type of hearing aid selected. When you work with American Ear Hearing Aids & Audiology, you can trust that our experienced audiologists to make the best recommendations for your needs based on a thorough evaluation and understanding of your individual hearing loss. 

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What You Can Expect During Your Visit



When you visit an American Ear Hearing Aids & Audiology audiologist in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, you can rest assured knowing your hearing health is in good hands. All of our professionals are trained and certified to understand unique hearing loss problems and determine the best plan for seeking a more active lifestyle. Patients can expect an initial 4-Step Evaluation that includes an ear canal examination, as well as checks for voice recognition, conversation accuracy and type of hearing loss.  By working with a certified hearing care provider, you will be able to have a better understanding of expectations regarding your hearing loss so that you can have better hearing goals.